Insight Session List

It is not necessary to bring anything to your first meeting with Olson Associates. However, if you have specific concerns, you may consider bring some of the following items:

  • List of your questions for us
  • Most recent tax return
  • Most recent financial statements
    • Brokerage Firm
    • Mutual Funds
    • Annuity (including policy)
    • 401K, 457 or 403B (if applicable)
    • IRA
    • Retirement Plan
    • Pension
  • Social Security Statement
  • Most recent mortgage statement
  • Most recent life insurance statements and policies
  • Home and auto insurance coverage (declaration page)
  • Disability income policy
  • Copy of wills and trusts (if applicable)
  • Driver's License and Social Security Number
  • Your calendar

At some point through the financial planning process, please make these statements available to help us better evaluate and guide you in your financial future.